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Take your first step to a greener business

Every business knows that their act’s should be as environmentally responsible as possible. But many smaller businesses may think that their actions won’t make any difference. But they’d be wrong.

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

No matter the size of the business, and no matter how small the change you make, it all adds up and takes us in the right direction.

Ourbit was set up to help businesses make the changes and to recognise them for putting in the time and effort. 

Businesses that can demonstrate that they have implemented a programme or policy that is making them greener can be certified and display the Ourbit badge.

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How does my business become certified?

Certification is a simple three step process and don’t forget we are here to help you along the way. Oh, and by the way…certification is free. Right now, all we are asking is you do step one and fill in this small form.

1. Register

To get started, you simply need to register your business, by completing the small form opposite (or below if you are on a mobile device).

2. Tell us how you are trying to be green

Once registered we will get back in touch with you, so you can tell us the programmes you have initiated to make your business greener and any future plans you have to go even further.

If you have yet to implement any plans, no problem. Just let us know this and we will help you get started and get certified.

3. Certification

Once we are satisfied that your plans are in place, we will recognise your business and grant Ourbit certification. Then you can display the Ourbit badge on your website and printed literature, and in doing so tell the world “We are doing Ourbit for the planet”.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there different levels of certification?

No. We don’t want to set up a system that encourages businesses to say, “my business is greener than your business”. We are all in this together, all doing Ourbit.

Why are you doing this for free?

It’s a really good question. It’s free because we want to encourage people to be green and being green shouldn’t mean it has to cost your business money. 

I’m a sole trader, can I get certified?

Absolutely. In fact this is the whole point of Orbit. It’s for businesses of all sizes but primarily SMEs to be able to show their green credentials to potential customers. 

Would you certify an oil company just because they recycle cans?

Probably not. Ourbit is for businesses that are not having a dramatic effect on the planet, by going about their daily activities. But despite that fact, they want to do more to help the environment.