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Every business can make a contribution.

woman in office recycling

Encouraging businesses to do their bit to help the environment.

You don't have to be a global corporation to have a sensible environmental policy. We are here to encourage and help businesses of all sizes to make a change in their environment to help the environment.

Move in the right direction

If we all make a small change, it can make a big difference

In an attempt to take advantage of nature we are continually harming the environment. If this continues the future generations will have to face more than just climate change.

Paul HawkenEnvironmentalist, author and activist.

We’ve been given a warning by science and a wake-up call by nature; it is up to us now to heed them.

Eve CrawfordAuthor, educator, and environmentalist

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make

Dr Jane GoodallConservationist

We can’t handover a planet that is inhabitable to the next generation. It might seem improbable but it is our responsibility to preserve it for generations to come.

Francois HollandeFormer French President

Although the magnitude of climate change may make individuals feel helpless, individual action is critical for meaningful change.

Mia ArmstrongModel and environmentalist

Want a quick win? Simply switch it off.

Office based businesses are using more electricity that they need to. Simply by switching stuff off rather than putting them in standby mode, saves energy and saves money.

Leaving an unused laptop charger plugged into a live socket could cost you over £60 a year, even when you’re not charging the laptop!

The Ourbit badge

Once certified, you will receive the Ourbit badge to place across your products and brand identity. Tell the world that your business is doing their bit in fighting for the climate, by certifying with Ourbit today.

Certifying with Ourbit can deliver the following benefits to your business:

  • Collaborate with other Ourbit members, and discuss how the changes you’ve made have benefited your business.
  • Show your employees the positive impact your business is making on the local community and environment.
  • Articulate the environmental care your company delivers to external stakeholders.
  • Save on wasted business costs. Many of our assessment metrics can help you save on long term wasted costs.
  • Build a better future. Do your bit to build a greener, more sustainable future.

Frequently asked questions

Is there different levels of certification?

No. We don’t want to set up a system that encourages businesses to say, “my business is greener than your business”. We are all in this together, all doing Ourbit.

Why are you doing this for free?

It’s a really good question. It’s free because we want to encourage people to be green and being green shouldn’t mean it has to cost your business money.

I’m a sole trader, can I get certified?

Absolutely. In fact this is the whole point of Orbit. It’s for businesses of all sizes but primarily SMEs to be able to show its green credentials to potential customers. 

Would you certify an oil company just because they recycle cans?

Probably not. Ourbit is for businesses that are not having a dramatic effect on the planet, by going about their daily activities. But despite that fact, they want to do more to help the environment.